• Sandstorm from Sandbox creates an NFT metaverse

  • On the Polygon network, a new Sandstorm NFT multimedia metaverse is on its way. Sandstorm is a community built around the Sandbox video game.

    Next month, Sandstorm will launch a multimedia metaverse NFT platform.

    The platform is launching on mainnet and will provide real-time NFT purchases. They will also host weekly live streams in the Sandbox metaverse.

    What exactly is Sandbox, and what is the new Sandstorm NFT metaverse?

    Sandbox is an online metaverse in which users can experiment and create within a monetized gaming system. Sandstorm, on the other hand, is a bi-weekly event that occurs in this metaverse. Creators, landowners, and builders are featured here, and the events have hosted a number of well-known names. They’ve had speakers from projects like CyberKongz, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, and Gutter Cat Gang, for example.

    Sandstorm, on the other hand, is launching its own NFT multimedia metaverse platform. Unlike other large marketplaces, however, the platform will only focus on metaverse NFTs. Having said that, the Sandstorm platform will enable simple NFT transfer between Sandbox and OpenSea. Sandstorm also intends to collaborate with top projects and provide education for metaverse newcomers. All of this will take place on the Polygon network, which the Sandstorm NFT platform intends to integrate with.

    “Our mission is to bring the next 100 million users into the Metaverse through the use of a simplified NFT platform and a community-driven approach.” SandStorm, which reaches over 1 million people each month, is on track to become the primary bridge between the $100+ billion virtual event space and the $200+ billion gaming industry within the next five years.”

    – Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm

    The Sandstorm tale

    SandStorm was founded earlier this year by a group of Sandbox NFT enthusiasts, builders, developers, and plot owners as a way to create a community. This grew extremely quickly, and there are now over 10,000 members in the community. Around two speakers discuss their latest developments in the Sandbox Metaverse at each metaverse event. They work on a variety of projects and have collaborated with some notable names.

    Among other achievements, the community collaborated with MetaVenture. GrowYourBase is a development studio that assists creators in designing and developing metaverses.

    “Big brands are now entering the metaverse, and they all require creators and artists to create incredible experiences for them to showcase.” Thousands of creators have been able to make building in the metaverse their full-time job as a result of this. Not only is this a revolution in asset ownership, but it is also a game changer for creatives all over the world who want to be a part of history. We’re thrilled to be able to help creators all over the world.” – Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm

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