• Savage, a photography NFT marketplace, is set to disrupt the industry

  • A completely new photographic style The NFT marketplace has the potential to disrupt the industry. Savage was designed specifically for 8K video and photography. Furthermore, it claims to be carbon neutral, which could be a huge selling point in terms of adoption.

    The team in charge has confirmed an initial DEX offering (IDO) on FantomStarter and OccamRazer for December 15th. This event should increase the platform’s accessibility to investors. Meanwhile, the goal is to introduce more creatives to the marketplace.

    Details about the environmental credentials — i.e. how carbon neutrality is achieved — are scarce at the time of writing. Nonetheless, we’re confident that this will be a big selling point for many as concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs grow at a time when the scene is still in its infancy. All of this is made possible by $SAVG, a native token that allows for carbon-neutral minting, buying, and selling.

    What Else Distinguishes this Photography NFT Marketplace?

    Aside from the environmental issue, Savage is noteworthy for other reasons. Not to mention that this is the first community-driven, Hollywood-focused marketplace to use the Polygon proof-of-stake protocol. The launch is being spearheaded by a group of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

    Amazon, Tesla, National Geographic, Samsung, and Microsoft are among the companies they have worked with. A quick glance at the social media track record reveals just how popular this launch could be. More than 12 million people follow Savage across its channels, which is impressive given how young the platform is.

    This is the most recent major controversy to involve Polygon. We recently reported on Polygon’s investment in DeFine, an NFT social media startup. Public Pressure, a music marketplace, has announced that it will launch on Polygon. Stories like this help to explain why Polygon recently passed a major milestone, with over 100 million unique addresses now on the platform.

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