• Saw Gets Ready for Halloween with a Terrifying NFT Drop

  • As the world prepares for its annual celebration of all things spooky, the “Saw” film franchise prepares to release its first-ever NFT. As a result, the jump scare masters will arrive with assets based on five of its most gruesome ever game traps.

    The collection will consist of 10,000 NFTs divided into three categories. The first are “traps,” which are based on the sinister machinations of the film series. The release date is October 26th, and it will be available on the Autograph and DraftKings platforms. The schematics and keys will then be delivered two days later, on October 28. Following that, anyone with a matching set of trap, schematic, and key on Halloween (October 31) will be granted access to exclusive bonus content, which is thought to be previously unseen Saw footage.

    This spectacular release is the result of a three-way collaboration between Tom Brady’s Autograph platform, Lionsgate Studios, and Twisted Pictures. It’s expected to be the first of many film tie-ins for the high-flying NFT platform. The next movies to get the NFT treatment are John Wick, The Hunger Games, and something called “Twilight.”

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