• Scammers hacked Llamascape NFT Collection’s Discord server

  • Another NFT project has been compromised! The Llamascape NFT collection, the initiative behind Llamaverse, is featured this time. The crooks targeted their Discord server and stole approximately 30-40 ETH.

    What Caused The Llamascape Discord Hack?

    The hacking incident is currently being investigated, according to Llamascape’s Twitter account. They do, however, believe that one of their team members was socially engineered. Scammers exploited Llamascape NFT collection holders by giving an alt account a role from the hacked account.

    What Holders of Llamascape NFT Collection Were Promised After the Hacking Incident

    First, Llamascape NFT admitted that they, not the community, are to blame for what happened. They guaranteed a refund to anybody who were harmed by their Discord server attack.

    They then promised the holders that they would improve their security procedures. The NFT project will undertake a new approach for its admins in addition to paying $6K to prevent webhook hacks. This means that their admins’ alt identities, if they have any, can only be used for administrative purposes like announcements.

    Finally, the Llamascape will organize an instructional session for all administrators and moderators to ensure that they are well-informed.

    Last Thoughts

    Llamascape NFT collection is yet another project that has been hacked on their Discord server. Lazy Lions NFT Discord was also hacked two days ago, while Opensea’s Discord was hijacked last month. Here is a piece that can assist NFT founders and holders in avoiding Discord hacking.

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