• Scammers stole $1.4 million from users of popular dating apps using Apple’s Developer Enterprise

  • According to Imore, cryptocurrency scammers have duped users of popular dating apps and Facebook out of $1.4 million by advertising the fake cryptocurrency app CryptoRom and abusing Apple’s Developer Enterprise service, which reviews fake apps.

    Crypto scammers steal $1.4 million from iPhone users.

    iPhone users have been duped into investing money in bogus cryptocurrency apps promoted on Facebook and popular dating platforms like Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, and others.

    According to a recent news report, a scam known as CryptoRom has cost iPhone users a lot of money. Earlier this year, in May, a similar scam defrauded Asian iOS and Android users of large sums of money. However, the losses for those who wanted to invest in digital currencies are far greater this time. Some people lost thousands of dollars; however, Android users were spared during this period.

    This is how the Bitcoin scam works.

    Crooks contact unsuspecting users through fake profiles on dating apps and Facebook, strike up a conversation, and then persuade their victims to install CryptoRom and invest in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies through the app.

    Victims withdraw money and are encouraged to invest more after making their first profits on small trial investments. They will be unable to withdraw any funds once they have deposited a larger sum on the scam app.

    The article emphasized that the iPhone scam was successful primarily due to the abuse of Apple’s Developer Enterprise program. Scammers have discovered a way to circumvent Apple’s App Store search function for fake apps in this manner.

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