• Scammers take over Bernie Sanders’ son’s Twitter account as part of the Moonbirds scam

  • Great success in the NFT space comes with a high danger of exploitation. Scammers are now using verified Twitter accounts to impersonate genuine Twitter accounts in order to steal money. In addition, the Moonbirds scammers hijacked Bernie Sanders’ son’s Twitter account.

    Scammers Using Moonbirds to Take Over Verified Twitter Accounts

    Moonbirds is the newest NFT collection to achieve blue-chip status, with over $224 million in sales volume this week. However, its enormous success has attracted a swarm of con artists. Scammers are exploiting verified Twitter identities to steal payments from Twitter users in order to capitalize on the enthusiasm around Moonbirds.

    It’s still unclear whether the fake accounts are hacked accounts, legitimate verified users, or purchased verified status. “These are crooks who purchase verified accounts,” Proof Collective co-founder Justin Mezzell tweeted on Monday.

    The Twitter Account of Bernie Sander’s Son Has Been Hacked

    In one case, Moonbirds scammers took over the Twitter account of US Senator Bernie Sanders’ son Levi Sanders. The hijackers posted a link enticing users to win a prize after altering the account name to “Moonbirds.” Following that, dozens of further tweets were sent from the account, all of which tagged Twitter users.

    The hacked account appears to be under control again, with the handle restored back to “Levi Sanders.” While some fraudulent tweets have been removed, numerous postings tagging various persons remain online at the time of writing.

    The Moonbirds scam follows the same structure as other recent NFT frauds. It’s unclear how Twitter will avoid similar scams in the future. There is no indication of what happens when scammers hijack verified accounts to swindle people in its “Misleading & Deceptive Identities” policy.

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