• Scammers Using Bitcoin 165,000 People Attend Fake Apple Event

  • Some con artists decided to take advantage of the excitement surrounding Apple’s big day.

    Prior to the company’s much-anticipated “California Streaming” event, fraudsters launched a bogus stream that appeared at the top of search results (above the official Apple channel).

    Approximately 165 000 users began watching an unrelated video of Tim Cook next to a phony announcement about Apple purchasing 100,000 BTC and organizing a giveaway for everyone who sends a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

    The channel that was broadcasting the phony video has now been deactivated.
    Because of the prevalence of cryptocurrency scams, YouTube frequently finds itself in hot water.

    According to ULTCOIN365, the video hosting giant was sued by blockchain company Ripple last April for failing to do enough to remove scam videos from the platform. In March, the lawsuit was settled.

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