• Serena Williams’ NFT collection has grown to include a new Bored Ape!

  • Serena Williams, the celebrated tennis player, is the newest celebrity to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This NFT was given to Williams by her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

    Williams flaunted her recent purchase – a pink BAYC – on Twitter. Alexis Ohanian, her husband, confirmed that he had given Williams this NFT: “First, I get you the SerenaPunk, and now I get you the pink ape you requested… do you understand I’m just going to gift you NFTs from now on?” On January 5th, Ohanian paid 117 ETH (about $330,667 at the time) for the NFT and transferred it to the tennis star’s wallet.

    Many Serena Williams supporters are pleased with the new high-profile member of the BAYC. Other NFT project owners responded to her tweet by inviting her to join their community. Maliha Abidi, the project owner of Women Rise NFT, was one such project creator that invited Williams to join her initiative:

    “Good day, Serena.” I’m the founder of @WomenriseNFT, and I’d be delighted to welcome you to our community! However, if you require any advice for other projects, I would be delighted to assist. “Welcome to the world of non-traditional financial instruments!”

    This isn’t the first time Serena Williams has made headlines because of her involvement with the NFT industry. Sorare announced Williams as their official advisor yesterday. Sorare is a community-owned fantasy sports game that makes use of NFTs. Williams will chair the board’s committees on women’s sports and diversity and inclusion on Web3. In addition, Williams will assist Sorare in developing ties with sportsmen all across the world.

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