• Seth Green spends another $300,000 to reclaim his stolen Bored Ape NFT

  • Seth Green announced today that his much-loved Bored Ape #8398 had finally’returned home.’ This wasn’t simple, since Seth Green has been attempting to recover the stolen ape since May 25th, when he first made contact with the current owner.

    The infamous case of the misplaced ape made headlines last month, with Seth Green threatening to sue when an NFT collector by the name of DarkWing84 revealed that he bought the NFT ‘in good faith,’ unaware that it had been stolen from the famous actor.

    Another Phishing Scam Victim

    The four NFTs lost during the phishing fraud caused delays on Seth Green’s new TV show ‘White Horse Tavern,’ as the NFT described above was critical to the show’s décor. According to the bylaws of the Bored Apes Yacht Club, any NFT owner is allowed to exploit the apes they own for business purposes. However, a shady link directed Seth Green to a fraudulent NFT minting website, where his digital assets were rapidly exposed.

    Because OpenSea still has a flag for’suspicious behaviour’ on the specific NFT, repurchasing the Bored Ape #8398 on the marketplace is difficult. However, Seth Green was able to contact DarkWing84 and deposit additional 165.005 Ethereum (ETH) in order to reclaim the cherished Bored Ape NFT via escrow. The amount of Ethereum spent on the recovery of this NFT is $286,649,99. In comparison, DarkWing84 spent approximately $100,000 more than that to obtain the stolen NFT.

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