• Shaquille O’Neal Has Joined DeGods NFT Collection On Solana

  • The DeGods NFT collection has lately acquired a new member to its ranks. Shaquille O’Neal, a former professional basketball player, is the newest addition!

    Shaquille O’Neal Continues to Invest in NFT

    O’Neal is not a newcomer to the NFT industry. In fact, he launched his own NFT collection on Ethernity last year. The set includes five different NFT highlights from his playing career.

    In addition, before Christmas 2021, O’Neal will release another NFT collection titled “Shaq Gives Back.” He gave away all of the revenues and royalties from secondary sales of the NFTs to charity.

    O’Neal purchased two Creature World NFTs before releasing his collections.

    Concerning DeGods NFT Collection

    DeGods is a deflationary collection of 10,000 virtual gods based on Solana that is accessible on Alpha Art and Magic Eden. With their innovative attire and eye-catching hues, each DeGods NFT exemplifies artistry.

    The collection has recently become one of the most popular Solana-based NFT projects. Furthermore, it has generated over 49,000 SOL in trade volume on Magic Eden within the last week. That is nearly $6.4 million as of this writing.

    Meanwhile, the current floor price for a DeGods NFT is 181 SOL ($18,494).

    DeGods released DeadGods last week. It is a project that allows DeGods NFT holders to change their profile image. By staking their NFT, DeGods holders can also earn the NFT project’s token, DUST.

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