• Shar Pei is expected to reach the moon in three weeks, with over 5,000 holders

  • Shar Pei is the meme token that has captured the attention of the crypto world with its massive growth since its November launch. Shar Pei trading volume is $380,000 at the time of writing, with a fully diluted marketcap of $6 million.

    Shar Pei has over 5,000 holders in just three weeks and is being hailed as the next great meme coin. Shar Pei, based on the popular Chinese breed of large muscular dogs with distinctive wrinkly skin, is poised to transform the meme token sector.

    It is a completely community-owned token that allows investors to have fun while making good returns on their investments. They will also be able to stake their tokens when the staking platform is released in the future.

    A novel meme coin with a reasonable launch price.

    Meme coins are frequently accused of unfair token launches, with a large percentage of token supply allocated to development teams and a pre-sale to private investors at reduced prices. Following the launch, these typically result in token dumps as they profit from their pre-owned assets.

    Shar Pei has always done things in a unique way. The project’s team has a long-term vision and has no intention of making money by manipulating the token supply. As a result, there was no pre-mint, seed sale, private sale, or token allocation prior to the PancakeSwap listing.

    All tokens are in circulation, and PancakeSwap has a lock on liquidity. Furthermore, for the past five years, half of the total token supply (100,000,000,000) has been kept in a liquidity vault. Shar Pei is a community-driven project, and the direction of the project is determined by the community.

    All proposals, marketing, and platform enhancements will be presented to the Shar Pei community for support and funding. Shar Pei smart contracts are also secure, and it was tested several times before the official launch to ensure that transactions are safe and hack-proof.

    Shar Pei, like Shiba Inu, has revealed a roadmap for developing new products within its ecosystem. Among the products are the Shar Pei charity NFT collection and the development of the Play-to-Earn metaverse.

    Concerning Shar Pei

    Shar Pei is being developed by a team of experienced financial and crypto experts who are working on a cryptocurrency with multiple use cases for the community. For the past five years, half of the SharPei token has been stored in a vault.

    Holders of SHARPEI can expect to earn a lot of money. Users can use PancakeSwap to exchange $BNB for $SHARPEI and begin interacting with a cryptocurrency with massive growth potential. On its website, you can learn more about Shar Pei.

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