• SHIB Whale, who already owns $1.2 billion in tokens, purchases even more

  • Shiba Inu owners and long-term investors appear unconcerned about the token’s performance and have decided to buy even more coins than they had previously. This wallet has recently added $5 million in SHIB to its existing $1.2 billion positions.

    The world’s largest Shiba whale spends more money.

    The average order execution price for the “light” whale remains around $0.00032. The large purchase has had no effect on market conditions, and the token is consciously moving in a range with little volatility.

    The “light” whale currently holds approximately $3.4 billion in tokens. While the amount held is considered significant, its value has dropped by more than 90% since November. Aside from Shiba Inu, the whale also has the less popular “American Born Doge” token and CRO, both worth $1.4 billion and $400 million, respectively.

    Shiba regained its position.

    With the majority of the market declining, more tokens and coins are losing value, whereas Shiba Inu is moving in a relatively stable manner. According to WhaleStats data, current Shiba Inu holdings are $1.59 billion, a 0.2 percent increase from the previous day.

    Shiba’s whale-tier holdings are mostly concentrated in a single wallet. The same wallet that bought Shib for $4 million now owns $1.2 billion of the $1.59 billion in whale hands.

    While whales are buying the memetoken, its price does not appear to be reacting in any way, with the asset’s average volatility remaining around 5%, after previously being close to 15%. Shib’s maximum volatility was seen when the token reached its ATH with a more than 70% increase in one day.

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