• Shiba Inu is about to reveal the third stage of the Metaverse Land Sale Event

  • Shiba Inu will reveal the third and final stage of SHIB: The Metaverse land sale, which will be a public selling event. The public sale event is scheduled to begin 10 days following the bid and holder event, which constitutes the first two stages. During the open public sale event, anyone will be able to buy the remaining accessible lands on the map at a preset price without having to lock any of their ecosystem assets.

    In principle, SHIB: The Metaverse will be made up of 100,595 plots of land, with some remaining sealed as essential sites for passage within the Metaverse and some private to be used as common ground. Avenues, Boulevards, and Hubs will symbolize roadways (corridors), while public ones will be offered for purchase.

    The three-day bid event provided the earliest access to plots of land in the SHIB Metaverse.

    SHIB adoption is increasing.

    While SHIB popularity grows, a “Tolkien” whale has purchased another large amount of SHIB in the last two days, totaling 105 billion tokens, according to WhaleStats.

    According to WhaleStats, a top ETH whale ranked 20th named “Bombur” bought a total of 54,045,382,286 SHIB earlier today and a comparable sum of 50,992,035,458 SHIB the day before. Overall, the investor spent about $1.5 million for these two Shiba pieces.

    Meanwhile, SHIB has been added to more Bitcoin of America ATMs, and Welly’s SHIB fast-food restaurant has received over 300 franchise requests. Shiba Inu attracted a lot of attention following its long-awaited launch on the Robinhood trading platform earlier this month, and it currently trades at $0.0000245 at the time of publication.

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