• Shiba INU price could soar very soon, with 38 percent Fib levels appearing imminent!

  • The entire crypto space got a lot greener over the weekend, as most coins gained extreme bullish momentum. Bitcoin price smashed $45K, and Ethereum price remained above $3000 for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the Shiba Inu price was rapidly approaching $0.000009 levels when a correction occurred. The pullback appears to be weak as most assets attempt to break the consolidation and propel higher.

    For a long time, the SHIB price displayed a narrow trend with low volatility. After failing to surpass $0.00001 several times, the price eventually settled into a narrow trend. The trading volume plummeted as the price remained stable at around $0.00000630. Shiba, on the other hand, quickly followed the bullish sentiments and tried valiantly to kill a zero, but failed miserably.

    With the rise in immediate resistance levels, the SHIB price target has also risen above $0.00001. One analyst predicts that the SHIB price will experience a Dogecoin-like massive rally in the near future. He set an extremely bullish target of around $0.00002, which he believes is achievable in the remainder of 2021.

    According to the analyst’s chart, the price has been trending within a triangle for the past few months. The new surge pushed the price out of the pattern, paving the way for a significant recovery. Given the price movements over the next few months, the analyst believes the price could reach $0.00002 levels. Furthermore, the target date has been set for mid-September.

    If the Shiba INU price breaks through $0.00001, it could become a billion-dollar asset, and if it does, it could also enter the top 20 crypto assets. However, the path to higher highs may include a number of corrections and accumulations. Nonetheless, with a strong ShibArmy, the SHIB price could soon reach the anticipated targets.

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