• Shiba Inu Tokens worth $181 million are mistakenly found in NASCAR driver Kyle Busch’s Coinbase account

  • On Thursday, NASCAR driver Keith McGee awoke to a pleasant surprise: $181 million in Shiba Inu tokens on the balance of his Coinbase account.

    McGee claims in a tweet that this money does not belong to him and that he wishes to return it.

    While he has yet to hear back from Coinbase, the 40-year-old Alaska racecar driver told TobyChristie.com that he would continue to try to right a wrong for “as long as it takes.”

    McGee’s determination to reclaim his Shiba Inu fortune is admirable, but it is unclear whether he is actually capable of withdrawing the funds, as this could simply be a display error.

    In June, a man named Christopher Williamson from Georgia made headlines after discovering $1.4 trillion in his Coinbase account. His enormous wealth resulted from a $20 investment in a dubious token known as Rocket Bunny.

    Williamson, on the other hand, was unable to sell his tokens, which he intended to spend on “a penguin-shaped megayacht.” Coinbase later explained that it was simply a display error that affected some ERC-20 tokens.

    Shiba Inu holders who have held Shiba Inu for a long enough period of time may have already made a fortune with the cryptocurrency. In what appears to be the fastest wealth creation story ever, an anonymous investor who purchased $8,000 worth last year is now sitting on $5.7 billion.

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