• Sky Mavis Promises Refunds to Ronin Breach Victims

  • Sky Mavis, the business behind the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, has promised to reimburse all victims of the latest attack. The Sky Mavis team claims that funds stolen in the hack include player deposits and Axie Infinity treasury earnings.

    “We are totally committed to reimbursing our players as quickly as feasible,” said Sky Mavis’ chief operating officer, Aleksander Leonard Larsen. The team’s reaction to the Ronin Network leak has been quite public.

    Over the past year, Axie Infinity has emerged as one of the most renowned crypto games. Early users were able to earn considerable sums of extra money while playing. Axie Infinity has been played by 2.6 million people in the last month alone.

    Sky Mavis hopes to learn from this experience and move on.

    Sky Mavis created the Ronin Network as an Ethereum sidechain for the blockchain game Axie Infinity. According to Sky Mavis, the hacker was able to generate bogus withdrawals using hijacked private keys. Following that, he stole $600 million in cryptocurrency assets.

    Transactions on the Ronin Network will now require 8 nodes. Furthermore, the network will remain closed until the team is satisfied that it is secure.

    This is the second significant network breach in as many months. The first was the Solana wormhole attack, which resulted in the theft of around $320 million in wETH.

    Sustaining user demand is one of the most critical parts of any successful game. The Axie Infinity team is concerned about the potential harm this hack may have caused to devoted users. As a result, they are dedicated to making everyone whole and returning stolen property.

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