• SLAM, a basketball brand, has partnered with NFT Platform Autograph

  • Autograph has taken the sports NFT market by storm. Autograph, which was co-founded by future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, has signed deals with legendary athletes from a variety of sports. This week, the platform will take to the hardwood with SLAM.

    SLAM, best known for its classic vintage magazine covers dating back to 1994, has streamlined its business into the new digital era. Basketball fans can use the platform to get news, special features, digital content, and apparel. It wouldn’t be complete without a look at NFTs.

    The Autograph Group and Its Premium Partners

    In a short period of time, Autograph has signed contracts with athletes such as Naomi Osaka, Derek Jeter, Simone Biles, and Tony Hawk. The growing advisory board includes top-tier athletes from a variety of sports. Autograph recently partnered with DraftKings to provide the sports betting platform with its entry into NFTs.

    According to a press release issued this week, Autograph will be a launch partner for SLAM’s NFT series of historic magazine covers. This will be Autograph’s first foray into basketball, and it will solidify SLAM as a pillar for the platform’s entry into the sport.

    NFTs will include SLAM archives of the 300-plus covers that have graced the front cover of SLAM for decades. The NFTs will be available for purchase on DraftKings Marketplace, which is powered by Autograph.

    Blockchain Technology Meets Sports Media

    The lines between sports and technology are becoming increasingly blurred.

    “We’ve been building a portfolio of companies with a specific focus on the intersection of sports media and blockchain technology, and this deal sits squarely at that crossroads,” said Matt Aronson, President of SLAM parent company JDS Sports. SLAM has continued to expand its digital presence, with over twenty social channels serving over 16 million followers. JDS Sports was another early Autograph supporter.

    Through established partners, Autograph continues to push the envelope on sports NFTs. The pair have already released NFTs for Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Simone Biles, and others through DraftKings Marketplace. Autograph, on the other hand, does not want to limit itself to sports. In July, the platform also announced a collaboration with Lionsgate. With this agreement, Autograph will be able to create digital collectibles for upcoming flagship movie franchises later this year.

    It appears that SLAM isn’t starting or stopping here, either. In April, SLAM announced a collaboration with rising basketball star Zion Williamson. This collaboration included four limited-edition NFTs based on two of Zion’s SLAM cover appearances.

    The intersection of sports and cryptocurrency is expanding as more brands, properties, teams, leagues, and athletes from nearly every sport imaginable get involved.

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