• Solana’s Permissioned DEX for the First Time Solrise Finance and Civic Technologies have unveiled: Details

  • Solrise Finance and Civic Technologies have unveiled a solution that will revolutionize Solana-based fundraising for both individuals and venture capital funds.

    Permissioned DEX is now available on Solana’s Project Serum.

    According to a press release shared with ULTCOIN365, Solrise Finance (https://solrise.finance/), a leading Solana-centric investing platform, has launched a permissioned decentralized exchange on top of Serum, Solana’s first DEX.

    In terms of technology, the new product is the result of a collaboration between Solrise Finance and Civic Technologies, an iconic technical solutions vendor founded in 2015 by Vinny Lingham and Jonathan Smith.

    The new decentralized exchange, Solrise DEX Pro, will use Serum’s technology stack to maximize Solana throughput for on-chain asset exchange.

    Sam Bankman-Alameda Fried’s Research, one of the largest and most influential firms in the cryptocurrency space, is backing the Solrise DEX Pro release.

    Bringing DeFi into compliance with regulatory requirements

    As Filip Dragoslavic, co-founder of Solrise Finance, emphasizes, the new release will be especially important for institutional investors interested in the decentralized finance segment:

    Thanks to Civic, we’ve found a way to connect the worlds of institutions and DeFi without resorting to centralization. With Solana already being the most well-known DeFi ecosystem for traditional finance, we anticipate becoming one of the primary hubs for institutions looking to enter the ecosystem.

    Chris Hart, CEO of Civic, which facilitates digital identity verification for the new project, is confident that potential investors’ data and funds will be secure with Solrise DEX Pro:

    We’re developing technology to safeguard individuals, their digital identities, and our new financial systems. We’ve found a partner in Solrise who shares our values and is working with us to set a higher standard that will ultimately benefit the industry as a whole.

    Solrise DEX Pro will enable sophisticated market participants to avoid sanctions by injecting liquidity into early-stage cryptocurrency and blockchain products.

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