• SolidProof launches KYC and Audit Services for DeFi projects

  • SolidProof, a blockchain auditing company based in Germany, has completed the development of its auto audit tool and plans to launch it soon. The product, dubbed the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), is intended to streamline and accelerate the entire smart contract auditing process.

    Retail and institutional adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) is exploding. However, rampant hacks, scams, and other security breaches aimed at DeFi protocols threaten to derail the sector’s growth. By combating developer incompetence, SAAT hopes to assist blockchain projects in improving the safety and quality of their code.

    The platform’s services will eventually mitigate significant vulnerabilities in cryptographic tokens and blockchain technology. Furthermore, the auto tool will serve as the focal point for all audit-related services provided by SolidProof, assisting the company in producing a reliable and convenient automated analysis of DeFi codes.

    How Does the Automated Audit Solution Operate?

    SAAT employs pre-installed parameters to detect bugs, errors, and inefficiencies in the smart contracts of any DeFi project. The experienced SolidProof team can deliver timely, accurate, and transparent audit reports free of human error by automating the entire code review process.

    The automation of audits also allows SolidProof to analyze highly complex smart contracts that would be nearly impossible to review manually, thereby increasing the security of Defi projects.

    After completing the autonomous review process, SolidProof auditors deliver an audit report to the development team that categorizes the existing vulnerabilities based on their severity (Critical, Medium, and Low).

    The auditors then make recommendations to fix any loose ends or inefficiencies in the system. They then collaborate with the project backers to fix the identified bugs before producing a final audit report and certificate proving the project is safe for widespread use.

    The upcoming SolidProof auto tool promises to be a crucial service for blockchain projects looking to uncover difficult-to-find vulnerabilities and bring certainty to their smart contracts. The product will play an important role in promoting the safety of DeFi projects and building trust among their clients.

    A placeholder for the auto tool was recently added by the SolidProof team. The placeholder allows Launchpads like Unicrypt to embed the simple SAAT on their website, making it immediately available to clients. The change makes it easier for DeFi projects hosting their presale on the platform to fulfill their audit obligations before listing their token with a few clicks.

    SolidProof Instills Trust Produced in Germany

    SolidProof aspires to be the leading provider of DeFi auditing solutions by combining world-class auto-tests with manual code reviews from a dedicated team of blockchain security experts.

    DeFi investors can feel secure because the German-based security firm empowers emerging ventures to identify and close any loopholes that hackers can exploit. SolidProof’s customized solution also includes KYC scanning services, which examine customers’ transactional data for signs of fraud, money laundering, or terrorist financing.

    To increase transparency in DeFi, the blockchain security firm publishes all of the most recent audit results on their website and social media channels. Projects in the DeFi space can send a non-binding request to the audit team to receive a personalized and reasonable quote.

    On the SolidProof website, developers can learn how to use the audit firm’s security solutions to increase investor confidence.

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