• Someone Inadvertently Sells BAYC NFT for $3000!

  • Someone just paid $3000 for a BAYC NFT thanks to the owner’s typo error. We can say that Christmas has come early because the BAYC floor price is currently at 53.75 ETH. That means you can get the cheapest BAYC for $203,000, a savings of nearly 70%!

    The Backstory of the BAYC Bargain

    According to reports, the owner, who goes by the username maxnaut, planned to list the NFT for 75 ETH, or approximately $300,000. He did, however, make a typo and entered a listing price of 0.75 ETH rather than 75 ETH. As a result, the costly error!

    He explained that the incident occurred as a result of a “lapse in concentration.” He went on to say that he makes “a lot of lists every day and just wasn’t paying attention properly.”

    Unfortunately for him, it proved to be a costly error. Someone snatched the BAYC NFT faster than he could blink, before he could correct his error. In fact, the buyer of the discounted NFT paid an additional fee of $34,000 to secure the NFT immediately before anyone could make a move.

    The NFT is currently listed for a whopping $248,000, which leaves plenty of room for profit.

    More Information on BAYC

    BAYC is one of the industry’s most successful NFT Collections. Aside from doing well commercially and inspiring companion collections such as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, it has also attracted well-known celebrities and athletes. Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Curry, and Post Malone have all recently chimed in.

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