• Somnium Space Holograms have released a new feature!

  • Holograms are a new feature announced by Somnium Space. In comparison to a standard avatar, these allow platform entertainers to express themselves more freely. They can now show off in person, displaying more of their’real life’ personality and other characteristics.

    Concerning Holograms

    Holograms allow entertainers to be more creative. This new feature enables anyone who needs more expression in their performances to ‘beam themselves directly into any parcel.’ All you need is a webcam and an optional green screen to do this.

    Entertainers such as musicians and comedians, as well as other entertainers, can show off their true emotions with this new feature of somnium space holograms. They can also reassure audiences that they are not watching a pre-recording. Users can use this by simply turning on their webcam and getting started. They can interact with users via their webcam thanks to this feature.

    Entertainers can now emote, gesticulate, and perform like never before in Somnium Space. And, with this fantastic new feature, anyone has the opportunity to show up and perform in the game. With a no-longer-hidden identity. Furthermore, if users do not enjoy the ‘whole body experience,’ there is another option. They can project their face directly onto the avatar by clicking on the webcam icon.

    Concerning Somnium Space

    According to their Twitter, Somnium Space is a blockchain-based open, social, and persistent VR platform. Users can create and import NFTs, as well as explore them in real time. They claim to be a metaverse shaped by the players. Somnium Space has now introduced holograms.

    They joined Twitter in August 2017 and now have 16,500 followers. These individuals include some of the most influential people in the NFT space. Among these are FEWOCiOUS, Loopify, and Pranksy. Having the support of these people may be beneficial to the project’s future success and growth.

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