• Sorare will create an NFT game featuring Major League Baseball

  • Major League Baseball will launch an online game this summer in collaboration with SoftBank-backed NFT business Sorare, according to a statement issued by Sorare on Thursday.

    The game will allow baseball fans can use the cryptocurrency ether to buy and sell NFTs representing baseball players, allowing them to create fantasy teams with which they may compete for prizes.

    A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptocurrency asset that represents a digital file such as a picture, video, or text.

    As the digital assets market grew into a multibillion-dollar sector last year, sports-related collectibles are proving to be a popular sort of NFT.

    Top sports leagues, notably the NBA in the United States, have licensed NFT-based items for fans.

    Sorare, which received $680 million in finance spearheaded by SoftBank last year, also has a deal with Major League Soccer in the United States.

    The UK Gambling Commission is actively investigating the company.

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