• South Korea’s Mobile Gaming Giant has introduced the NetMarble Metaverse

  • NetMarble, one of South Korea’s top mobile game development teams, has announced the NetMarble Metaverse. They’ve also stated that they’ll begin developing new games based on the NFT ecosystem.

    The NetMarble Metaverse and its Prospects in NFTs

    NetMarble revealed in a press statement that they will begin focusing on new titles centered on blockchain aspects. “We want to develop metaverse games that allow users, whether individuals or corporations, to obtain virtual assets that can be transferred for actual assets such as currency through blockchain technology,” said their Chairman, Bang Jun-hyuck.

    The building of a sequel to their hugely popular board game, Everyone’s Marble, is their first venture into cryptocurrency. In a virtual replica of Korea, the ‘Everyone’s Marble’ metaverse will allow players to buy, sell, and trade land and buildings.

    This decision by NetMarble is notable because South Korea just announced that any games involving cryptocurrency awards will be removed from app stores. NetMarble will be unable to profit in their home country as a result of this. As a result, the company will have to concentrate on other worldwide markets. Fortunately for NetMarble, this should not be an issue, as global sales accounted for 74% of the company’s revenue in 2021.

    NetMarble’s Background

    NetMarble is a South Korean mobile game development business founded in 2000. Bang Jun-hyuck is the company’s founder. ‘BTS WORLD,’ ‘District 187: Sin Streets,’ ‘Dragon Ball Online,’ and ‘Marvel: Future Fight’ are some of their most popular games. The company is the largest in the mobile game sector in South Korea. They employ nearly 3,000 people around the country. Furthermore, the business purchased just over 25% of Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind the Korean boy band BTS. They’ve had a relationship with Disney since 2015, and they’ve made a lot of games for Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney.

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