• Space DOGE: Using Dogecoin, Purchase Ads in Space

  • Dogecoin was always destined for the stars. Elon Musk, the dogefather, has always made this clear. When the billionaire first tweeted about the project, which was set to begin in 2022. Ads, on the other hand, were not expected to be in space. Advertising appears to be on its way to space, alongside billionaires and rocket ships.

    Advertisers will be able to place advertisements in space thanks to a recent collaboration between SpaceX and Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC). The advertisements will be broadcast from a space advertising satellite, which is set to launch into orbit soon. On the side of the satellite, there will be a pixelated display screen. This is where the advertisements will appear.

    The specific type of satellite to be launched is known as a CubeSat. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will be used to launch the CubeSat. The CubeSat will then be launched into orbit before the rocket reaches the moon.

    CubeSat Advertisement

    After the CubeSat is launched, anyone can advertise on it. This can range from small businesses to large advertisers. Interested parties will be able to advertise any illustrations or images they want in space.

    To get ads on the CubeSat, you must first purchase tokens for the ads. This project has been allocated five tokens. The X coordinates’ Beta. Rhoe is responsible for the Y coordinates. Gamma for the CubeSat’s brightness. Thanks to Kappa for the color. Finally, XI will be for the time being.

    These tokens determine where the advertisements appear. It will also assist people in determining how the pixels they select will appear when projected. While XI tokens will determine how long the advertisement will be displayed.

    Using Dogecoin for Advertising

    The ad tokens can be purchased with Ethereum. The company (GEC) has stated that it will eventually accept Dogecoin payments for the tokens. However, there is currently no official price for which these tokens will be sold.

    Companies can pay to have their logos displayed on the CubeSat. According to Reid, they can also pay for their logo to be reclaimed over a competitor’s logo.

    “There may be businesses that wish to depict their logo. Or it could turn out to be more personal and artistic. Perhaps Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight over their logos and reclaim their dominance.” – Samuel Reid, GEC’s CEO and Co-Founder

    The project is set to launch in early 2022 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The CubeSat will be outfitted with a selfie stick that will allow it to live stream its screen on YouTube or Twitch.

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