• SPACE Hires New Employees to Aid in the Growth of VR Commerce in the Metaverse

  • SPACE is looking into how it may connect its expanding world of social commerce to the game sector.

    The business announced today that it has hired Call of Duty co-creator Chance Glasco as its new Director of Product Strategy, as well as CD Projekt RED’s Antonio Molina as its new Project Lead.

    At SPACE, the pair will be joined by blockchain specialist Felix Mago, co-founder of Dash NEXT and a key figure in the creation of Dash Pay.

    SPACE intends to create a “commerce metaverse” that will act as the “commercial glue” across the numerous worlds that comprise the larger Metaverse of virtual worlds that people may explore via avatars.

    SPACE believes that there is a great deal of potential for commerce within the Metaverse that may be enabled by the development of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are used to monetise virtual assets on the blockchain. NFT ownership is maintained on an immutable public ledger, allowing Metaverse players to buy and sell them.

    While trade is feasible, Metaverse users lack a traditional storefront through which they may advertise their wares for sale, which is the role SPACE hopes to fill. It gives users the tools they need to create a virtual e-commerce environment, such as an art gallery or music hall, and exhibit any things they have for sale to other users in the Metaverse. Since its early access introduction in December, Space Metaverse has expanded to feature over 20 such venues, including businesses and art galleries, as well as more exotic locales like as a festival grounds, a desert, and even a field of haystacks.

    Users can enter a space by using SPACE’s online or mobile app, or by donning a virtual reality headset and completely immersing oneself in its virtual settings. Those who opt to use a VR headset will appreciate SPACE’s spatial audio capabilities, which allow them to hear other users in the metaverse, with the sound of their voice originating from the direction in which they are positioned.

    SPACE’s new team members join the company just weeks after it raised $7 million in investment. SPACE CEO Batis Samadian stated that they will aid in the company’s next phase of development and growth.

    “We are really thrilled about new important personalities with Call of Duty, Dash NEXT, and CD Projekt Red expertise,” he continued. “We anticipate making additional significant team announcements in the coming months.”

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