• Steve Aoki is the new biggest admirer of the Monkey Kingdom NFT Collection

  • This week, Monkey Kingdom earned a new admirer in the form of Steve Aoki, who purchased his first Monkey Kingdom NFT.

    Steve Aoki is a DJ, producer, and record executive from the United States. He has collaborated with major musicians such as the Backstreet Boys, Rise Against, and Fall Out Boy. He is well-known for his notable billboard chart entries, such as Wonderland. The album was nominated for Best Dance / Electronica Music at the Grammys in 2013. He hasn’t limited himself to music. He established the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund to benefit global humanitarian aid organizations.

    Aoki, like many other well-known persons and celebrities, has his sights set on NFTs. They made 2,222 charming pixelated monkeys using an algorithm. They Wukong-inspired apes are alive and well on the Solana blockchain. Sun Wukong, commonly known as the Monkey King, is a fabled mythical being capable of wreaking havoc on a large scale. Sun Wukong possesses a wide range of superhuman talents, including immortality and shapeshifting. Each Wukong is unique and has a variety of features and attributes that vary in rarity.

    Baepes is the name of a new character in the Monkey Kingdom. The Baepes are made up of 2,221 female Wukongs. The Baepes apes are on their way!

    Finally, it’s no surprise that Steve Aoki wants to buy an ape from the Monkey Kingdom. These one-of-a-kind NFTs are not only artistically appealing, but they are also thought to be an excellent investment. With significant celebrities and well-known people being involved in NFTs, it is difficult to imagine this trend ceasing.

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