• Strike, a Lightning Network-powered app, has launched in Argentina with limited functionality

  • Argentine users benefit from what Strike’s CEO refers to as “better financial service,” however not all users are pleased.

    Strike recently launched in Argentina, but everything is not well, as some users believe they have been duped. In the Argentine version of the Strike wallet, it is not able to purchase, sell, or hold bitcoin. According to one user, the program accepts bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network but transforms them to USDT for storage in the wallet. Strike made no mention of this in their initial announcement. He also claimed to be able to transmit USDT to exchange and receive bitcoin.

    Strike began in Argentina in order to strengthen its presence throughout Latin America. Strike CEO Jack Mallers previously stated in an Investor’s Podcast Network interview that his goal is to deliver financial inclusion to countries with a high unbanked population. The Argentine deployment will enable low-cost remittances, the receipt of bitcoin tips, and peer-to-peer payments. “A greater financial experience,” the CEO claimed. Strike employs “the world’s open monetary network, #Bitcoin, to provide hope to the people of Argentina.”

    Strike’s current rollout

    Strike has so far debuted in the United States (save for New York and Hawaii) and El Salvador. Argentina is the newest country to benefit from Strike’s collaboration with Bittrex Global, which converts USDT to bitcoin for Argentine users. According to Mallers, “dematerializing all existing monetary functions into a single monetary standard is not straightforward, hence the sluggish rollout.” “Argentina is one of the most interesting places for expanding the Bitcoin economy, leveraging Bitcoin as both a superior asset and a superior payments network,” he added of the Argentine launch. He has stated that he prefers to get the rollout perfect rather than quickly.

    Strike was set to launch in the United Kingdom and Europe by the end of 2021, with intentions to extend into 200 countries through a partnership with Bittrex. There have been no public announcements about the status of these rollouts.

    Strike employs the Lightning Network, a second-tier of the bitcoin blockchain that allows for distinct micropayment channels between different participants to establish a network of Lightning nodes. The Lightning Network addresses two major time and cost difficulties associated with executing payments on the bitcoin network.

    Twitter Suggestions Arrive in Argentina

    Integrating Strike into Twitter has been one of the most appealing use cases for the Strike app. Twitter has recently added support for giving and receiving bitcoin tips for iOS and Android using the Strike application programming interface (API).This paved the road for content providers to collect bitcoin payments from followers in exchange for their work. Fans in the United States, El Salvador, and Argentina can now submit tips to people in the United States, El Salvador, and Argentina, thanks to the Argentine launch.

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