• Super Gremlin announces Metaverse growth by purchasing a great Decentraland location

  • NFT Demon now expands to the metaverse with his new NFT Collection, Super Gremlin, following the great success of its previous collections with renowned holders such as Eminem on BSC. The project has bought a prime piece of property in Decentraland as of September 2022, providing a hub for their NFT Holders to share and create new experiences.

    To comprehend the relevance of this, it is necessary to first understand what Decentraland is and why it is so vital. Decentraland is a user-driven virtual metaverse where individuals from all over the world may come together to share ideas and resources. It is a digital ecosystem with its own culture, economic opportunities, and even real estate.

    With this in mind, real estate in Decentraland is critical, as obtaining a high-quality area not only demonstrates your dedication to the metaverse but also places your project in a prominent location for the whole Decentraland community to view. NFT Demon demonstrates to the virtual world that their Super Gremlin NFT collection is a serious effort by purchasing such a location.

    It also means that Decentraland members may simply identify Super Gremlin’s place and use it as the ideal location to share unique and immersive experiences. In other words, it provides a space for fans to feel at home and connect with others who share their interests.

    The great location also contributes to one of NFT Demon’s most philanthropic goals: raising cancer awareness. Jeremy Ryan, AKA NFT Demon, has survived cancer. The artist and entrepreneur battled a brain tumor, as well as other forms of cancer throughout his body, for four years. Despite medical professionals telling him his prospects of survival were slim, Ryan healed – nothing short of a medical miracle. As a way of respecting his own experience and aiding others throughout the world, he wants his art to raise cancer awareness and aid those who are suffering.

    About Super Gremlin

    Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection that aims to be unlike any other project in the NFT arena. Unlike other projects, the Super Gremlin community contributes to non-profit organizations that battle cancer on a daily basis. We strive to raise awareness and help numerous organizations through philanthropic contributions, inspired by the narrative of its creator, Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor. Through numerous interactions with its founder, aka NFT DEMON, the Super Gremlin community will also learn about NFT Art.

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