• Swash, backed by the Giants, wins the Private Oversubscription Round with $7 million more than the IDO

  • Swash, a data monetization solution, successfully raised $ 7 million in an oversubscribed round from major investors ahead of its public sale later this month.

    Swash has received a $ 7 million funding round. The Swash funding round, which recently surpassed $7 million, was led by KuCoin, Outlier Ventures, and Streamr, and included 60 investors from 25 countries. The project has received a tremendous amount of interest and support, resulting in a round of oversubscriptions and a great deal of anticipation ahead of its public sale later this month.

    The company is now preparing to launch its IDO on October 29, where crypto enthusiasts will be able to participate in the public sale and become owners of SWASH, a token native to the Swash ecosystem.

    The SWASH token is built around four fundamental principles: create incentives, transact, multiply, and govern. It will be an integral part of the Swash Universe, rewarding Data Union members for the added value of their data while also allowing those rewards to be multiplied through wagering, product redemption, donations, and other means. Four thousand four hundred forty-four people can earn money by sharing their data while maintaining their privacy. Companies can access low-quality data indefinitely while remaining compliant with the law, and developers can easily configure and build systems within a collaborative development framework. Swash is a data-ownership-rebuilding movement. Swash’s all-encompassing data ecosystem will enable true collaboration while unlocking a one-of-a-kind value system via novel monetization mechanisms. The community that contributes to the system believes that people should be valued for the data they generate, and that they hope to be a part of the information economy in the future, serving the interests of all without jeopardizing transparency, privacy, or individual institutions.

    The SWASH token will power all transactions in the Swash universe, as well as products and services aimed at increasing adoption. At the time of writing, Swash has a live product and an active user base of over 75,000 users. The browser application empowers users to take control and monetize their data, and it serves as the foundation for the development of a slew of other solutions, including an enterprise CMI platform (sIntelligence), a builder environment (sApps), and an IT infrastructure (sCompute). The Swash IDO is part of the company’s ambitious roadmap to create a new data economy for people, developers, and organizations, which is backed by a strong network of advisors and investors.

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