• Swiss BSV plans to open a blockchain academy in the Middle East

  • Through the blockchain academy in Riyadh, the BSV Association and SDA will collaborate to provide training and develop resources.

    According to an announcement made by the BSV Blockchain Association, the first blockchain school in the Middle East will open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. According to reports, the new institution will offer training and development tools to government organizations and businesses interested in adopting or experimenting with blockchain technology.

    According to the announcement, the Saudi Blockchain Academy (SDA) will collaborate with the Swiss-based Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain industry association to educate experts on new technologies, thereby assisting in the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) launched the SDA as a major national project to build both human capital and digital skills for the future and train its young for jobs in the communications and information technology sector.

    Through Riyadh’s new blockchain academy, the BSV association and SDA will partner to provide learning and development tools for a variety of audiences, including developers, students, startup entrepreneurs, company executives, and government agency officials.

    Blockchain technology has a wide range of potential applications in many fields, including financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications. Many major technology companies, including Google and IBM, are actively involved in the development of blockchain-based applications.

    According to the announcement, the school will focus on the BSV blockchain and is part of the SDA’s growing number of sector-specific educational programs. According to Eng. Faris AlSaqabi, Deputy Minister for Future Jobs and Capabilities at MCIT:

    “Since the original academies announced at our inaugural ceremony in October 2021, we have been looking to expand into other areas of learning. Given the significant level of interest in blockchain technology, we are honored to collaborate with BSV’s team to offer world-class blockchain training to Saudi Arabia as part of this historic endeavor for the Middle East.”

    Several countries in the Middle East have taken a more advanced approach to blockchain technology and digital assets. Several officials in the region have advocated for a raft of crypto-friendly rules.

    Local authorities in the United Arab Emirate unveiled a new regulatory framework in September 2021 that encourages cryptocurrency trading and related activities in Dubai’s economic free zone, potentially laying the groundwork for wider adoption and innovation throughout the country. The Emirates Postal Group, or EPG for short, announced that it was the first postal organization in the Middle East and North Africa to issue digital-collectible stamps.

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