• Take a look at Binance’s first initial game offering: DeRace

  • Binance NFT has issued its first Initial Game Offering (IGO) (IGO). Binance NFT is Binance’s official marketplace, where customers can purchase non-fungible tokens. This week marks the start of the new initiative. DeRace, the NFT virtual horse racing ecosystem, was launched as an IGO on the marketplace. The IGO will provide Binance NFT customers with access to DeRace earlier than usual. Customers will be able to invest in the project from the start, and there will be exclusive NFT drops.

    Consumers can invest in gaming projects at an early stage thanks to Initial Game Offerings. Access passes, in-game items, and personalized skins could all be included in the content. The IGOs will also showcase exclusive NFT collections from various projects. They will only be available for purchase on the Binance NFT marketplace.

    “Through the IGO drops, Binance NFT connects the global crypto community to high-quality blockchain games and high-quality in-game NFT assets,” Helen Hai, Binance NFT’s head, explained. “A dedicated hub where promising gaming projects can develop their games and build communities,” she said. Our goal is to help strengthen the gaming industry and grow it so that it becomes more mainstream.”

    Significantly, it has the potential to be a win-win situation. The IGO hopes to lay the groundwork for a Binance metaverse. Furthermore, through gaming projects, the IGOs will bring in more people and increase exposure to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Indeed, it will aid in attracting more consumers to the NFT market.

    Binance selects DeRace as its first IGO.

    Binance chose DeRace as the first IGO because it believes this game will serve as a springboard to success. The first decentralized blockchain horse racing platform is the virtual horse racing game. It is entirely based on NFT, and users can participate in a variety of horse racing-related activities.

    The ecosystem is vast, and users can race and breed NFT horses in it. They have the ability to improve stats such as stamina, speed, and cool-down time. Importantly, you can bet on them as well. Meanwhile, they will be earning money while doing so. DeRace is a merger of three massive markets, so the potential is enormous. Unquestionably, gambling, horse racing, and gaming will attract a sizable number of fans to the ecosystem.

    The DeRace drop includes the following items:

    There are ten different types of NFTs, including five regular horses and five Binancian horses. The DeRace NFT Horse Tickets are available for purchase. The ticket can be exchanged for a DeRace NFT Horse, a play-to-earn asset that can be used in-game. The DeRace NFT Horse Ticket entitles you to a DeRace NFT horse before the official game launch.

    Finally, Binance’s NFT marketplace has been a huge success so far. They made 25 million BUSD in sales in their first month. 300,000 mystery boxes were sold by the company. Binance has sold nearly one million mystery boxes and generated over 100 million BUSD in sales since its inception.

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