• Taproot Lock-in Achieved — Bitcoin Network to Launch Biggest Upgrade in Four Years

  • The Bitcoin network upgrade Taproot’s ‘Speedy Trial’ lock-in period is now over. Details taken from taproot.watch The lock-in has been completed, and it was mined by the mining pool Slushpool at block height 687,285

    Lock-in of the Bitcoin Taproot has been completed at Block Height 687,285 Taproot will be released in November, according to the web portal taproot.watch, as the signaling lock-in period has ended. “This period has achieved the required 1815 Taproot signaling blocks for lock-in.”

    Since the activation of Segregated Witness (Segwit) in 2017, the Taproot upgrade has been regarded as one of the most significant updates in four years. After the signaling was completed, Poolin executive Alejandro De La Torre tweeted about the achievement. De La Torre stated, “Taproot has locked-in.” “Wonderful work, miners. Bitcoin users, congrats. The new Bitcoin protocol is expected to go live in November.

    In contrast to Bitcoin’s existing elliptic curve digital signature methodology, Taproot addresses will be able to use Schnorr signatures once they are activated in November (ECDSA). Schnorr signatures are more compact than ECDSA signatures, which could help with scaling. Aside from the predicted scaling boost from Taproot activation, other features include more complicated BTC smart contracts and decision-based transactions. Taproot and Schnorr signatures, on the other hand, are supposed to provide more secrecy when trading. BTC participants will also be able to use Merkle trees as part of the Taproot upgrades.

    Upgrades to Taproot will be available in November for Bitcoin Core versions 0.21.1 and higher. Miners and other node operators that wish to switch to Taproot will have about five months to do so. Taproot, on the other hand, is a soft fork, meaning that, like Segwit, network participants are not required to update to the new ruleset. Nikita Vassev, the 13exchange’s founder, was happy with the lock-conclusion in’s and tweeted about the historic event. On Friday, Vassev tweeted, “There was a significant lot of work done on activation.” “I was impressed with how the pools collaborated, and it is a team effort.”

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