• Alethea AI Sets New Sea Records with New iNFT Sales

  • Alethea AI’s remarkable innovations and explorations combining NFTs and AI have recently made headlines in the NFT space. With the conclusion of their seven-day auction, they have now set a new OpenSea record.

    The auction was a watershed moment for NFTs, AI, and blockchain, with the sale of 10,000 Personality Pods, which allow any NFT to be animated and brought to life, and the first-ever collection of 100 Intelligent NFTs dubbed “The Revenants.”

    The Revenants sold for approximately 2400 ETH on the primary and secondary markets, netting a total of $10 million USD in a single week. Vincent Van Gogh was the most expensive Revenant, selling for 58 ETH ($232,000 USD). The Personality Pods sold for nearly 1600 ETH, netting around $7 million USD.

    For those who are familiar with iNFTs, The Revenants is a truly revolutionary collection that transforms collectors’ imaginations and allows them to earn rewards. In the future, as iNFTs’ intelligence grows, they (rather than humans) could star in commercials, deliver keynote speeches, or even appear in films. An iNFT can be in multiple places at once, making it ideal for Metaverse legos.

    Collectors will be equally enthralled by the Personality Pods collection, which allows any NFT owner to fuse their existing NFT with a personality Pod to give it life and personality. If iNFTs are just getting started, the future will undoubtedly be filled with next-level NFT metamorphosis!

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