• Director David Lynch and the band Interpol collaborate on the NFT Collection

  • This isn’t the first time legendary director David Lynch has collaborated with Interpol. Lynch’s animated short film “I Touch a Red Button Man” featured Interpol’s song “Lights” as the soundtrack in 2010. Interpol used that short film as visuals for their Coachella performance the following year. Now, a decade later, they’re revisiting the work and transforming it into eight NFTs.

    The work was adapted to the NFT realm by HIFI Labs by dividing it into seven pieces, plus an extra one that will be mixed with user-generated content. They will be available for auction in the Superrare Ethereum marketplace via this website. The pieces are one-of-one editions. This is the first of a series. They are all set to an updated version of the song “Lights.” According to Forbes, it is as follows.

    “Both by design and as a result of the band’s members—Banks, Daniel Kessler, and Sam Fogarino—being physically separated for much of the pandemic, the new renditions feature a stripped-down version of the song.”

    To paint a more complete picture, Banks stated in an official statement issued by the band:

    “The marriage of music and visual is an age-old tradition, and Lynch is a musician himself with a love for music, so it was a pretty organic way for artists from two different media to come together.” We’re all huge fans of Lynch, so it was incredible that our work was paired with his.”

    Interpol appears to be the driving force behind Lynch’s new and improved adventures in the NFT space. David Lynch, on the other hand, tweeted about it. As a result, he is aware of the project and supports it.

    Features of the “I Touch A Red Button Man” NFT Collection

    First and foremost, the artists want you to know that “this is a carbon neutral collaboration thanks to our collaboration with Aerial.” Because there is a lot of talk about the supposed environmental cost of NFTs on the internet, they went with a company that verifies carbon offsets. What more could fans ask for? Perhaps to be a part of the collection.

    “In the spirit of fandom and collaboration, fans will be able to add light personal creative touches to one of the eight 3D gallery pieces, and one collaborator will be chosen to receive the collaborative NFT for free.”

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