• Exclusive NFT Billboards for Brand Advertising from Somnium Space sell for more than $100,000

  • Somnium Space’s exclusive NFT billboards, aimed at assisting brands in entering the metaverse, have fetched more than $100,000! Furthermore, the billboards have created a new revenue stream for the platform’s creators. So, how exactly? Users can buy a billboard, place it on their LAND parcel, and earn a percentage of the NFT’s ad revenue!

    Somnium Space developed the NFTs in collaboration with Admix, a company that provides in-game monetization solutions for games and metaverses. From November 14 to December 18, the duo will release a total of 15 NFTs in three-packs. The billboard NFTs had already amassed over 29.4 ETH (or $124,000) in trade volume on OpenSea at the time of publication.

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    Somnium Space NFT billboards come in three sizes: small, medium, and extra large. On OpenSea, users can bid on NFTs and then place them on their parcels. This way, they can “receive up to 90% of the revenue generated by the NFTs paid in $CUBE monthly, depending on the NFT” they choose.

    Admix and Somnium Space have also secured their first advertising partner! Cloud.gg, a leading esports organization, is the first to have its logo displayed on the billboards.

    “As these billboards are installed over the next few months, we’ll be bringing more and more brands into the metaverse and into your parcels,” Admix wrote in a blog post. “Brand experiences will appear everywhere, and the presence of more brands in the space means more revenue for creators, who are always in control of the ad experience.”

    With the introduction of Facebook and Microsoft’s Metaverse, an increasing number of brands are dabbling in the virtual world. In the midst of all of this, Somnium Space announced a strategic move to assist both brands and users. The bids for NFT billboards show that the move is already a success!

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