• FLOKI is purchased by BNB Whale for $3.4 million

  • An anonymous Binance Smart Chain whale has decided to buy FLOKI meme cryptocurrency for $3.4. The whale currently owns 12 billion FLOKI tokens.

    Anonymous sperm whale

    An anonymous FLOKI supporter purchased the token in small amounts. One day and 13 hours ago, the first purchase was made. The Floki whale purchased only 218 thousand tokens at first, but then added 10.5 million more to his wallet.

    However, the largest buying volume occurred yesterday, when an anonymous whale purchased approximately eight billion Floki tokens in less than an hour. The most recent transaction occurred 17 hours ago, when the wallet ending in 7b75 received an additional billion FLOKI.

    What was the token’s reaction?

    FLOKI is currently trading with a 16 percent price increase, but it has also retraced 18 percent from the local high of $0.0004. The whale’s actions have not had a significant impact on the price of FLOKI.

    According to CoinMarketCap, the token’s daily trading volume is still around $166 million, implying that the whale’s buying orders have only increased by about 2% and have had no significant impact on the asset’s price.

    Meme currencies are becoming more popular.

    Previously, meme-based community tokens and coins such as Shiba, Elon, and Floki drew a lot of attention from the industry, resulting in up to 1,000% growth in a short period of time.

    The FLOKI token, which is based on memes, was created in honor of Elon Musk’s Shiba-Inu dog, Floki. Previously, the project ran a large marketing campaign in London, where people could see it “Did you miss Doge? Obtain Floki “slogans displayed on trains and buses

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