• For the First Time, Yours & Owls Enter The NFT Market

  • In commemoration of a crowd chant at the Yours & Owls 2021 festival in Wollongong, Yours & Owls launched its own NFT series.

    For the first time, Yours & Owls has announced the launch of its own non-fungible token series (NFT). This launch is a tribute to the excitement and rowdiness that characterized the 2021 festival. To launch its NFT series, the Wollongong event has partnered with NFT platform Serenade.

    The NFT titled ‘Fuck You Peach,’ named after a crowd chant from the April event, features an image of Tones And I performing at the event.

    The Wollongog festival

    The festival crowd was divided into four sections to comply with safety protocols as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Despite the fact that everyone was told to sit at the event, the crowd in the ‘Peach’ section kept standing up and dancing. As a result, the performances were interrupted several times. During these pauses, everyone began chanting ‘Fuck You Peach.’

    The NFT assortment

    The NFT collection is made up of 100 limited edition tokens. The tokens are currently available for purchase and will remain so until November 15, 2021. The prices begin at £50 ($91).

    There is also an additional prize for the highest bidder. The ‘Golden Ticket Rookie Token’ will be awarded to this bidder. This exclusive token entitles the owner and a friend to free admission to Yours & Owls Festival for the rest of their lives.

    The proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to the Wollongong Homeless Hub. This organization describes itself as a “specialist homelessness service that provides support, information, referral, and advocacy to homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless.”

    Yours & Owls received a $700,000 grant in September as one of the recipients of the Federal Government’s Restart to Sustain and Expand (RISE) fund.

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