• Grace, a humanoid robot nurse, will be powered by Cardano

  • The Cardano blockchain has been selected to power the artificial intelligence (AI) modules of Grace, a humanoid robot.

    Grace, who speaks English and Korean fluently, was created by Awakening Health and SingularityNET. It has commercial applications in both eldercare and general healthcare. Demand is not an issue, given that the eldercare robotics industry has seen a significant boost as a result of the pandemic.

    Grace, which is equipped with powerful AI, is capable of simulating 48 facial muscles, allowing it to engage in meaningful social interactions with patients.

    The Cardano integration will significantly improve the robot’s performance, allowing it to process biodata in less time.

    Furthermore, according to SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel, Cardano will be made more secure and private in order to protect medical records:

    In such applications, the robot must deal with medical records on the back end, as well as potentially confidential information provided by elderly people and medical patients… This makes extensive use of the Cardano platform’s security.

    At the Cardano Summit 2021, Goertzel explained that the Plutus smart contract platform’s affordances would allow his company to do “many interesting things” that Solidity’s limitations would not allow.

    According to ULTCOIN365, the AI pioneer recently referred to Cardano as “quite superior.”

    SingularityNET announced in September that it would be the first major Ethereum-based project to migrate at least a portion of the leading proof-of-stake blockchain.

    During his appearance at the summit, Goertzel stated that they were “not far” from launching the AGIX token on the Cardano mainnet.

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