• GuardianLink is the next project on Polygon that is revolutionizing NFT technology

  • Guardianlink’s marching orders are to build the technological infrastructure required to make NFT commerce a reality. They are now bringing their ground-breaking NFT technology to Polygon. This means that Guardanlink’s no-code, no-curation platform will be integrated with Polygon’s Layer-2 scaling solution.

    Consider Guardinlink to be the Shopify of NFT Commerce. Essentially, it is a plug-and-play solution that allows creators to build their NFT storefronts using the platform’s readily available frameworks. This significantly lowers the barrier to entry because creators can launch their marketplace even if they have no coding experience. Furthermore, they will be able to concentrate on the core product rather than the technical infrastructure.

    Another point of differentiation for the platform is its built-in NFT sniffer, which detects copyright infringements. This is critical because copyrights and intellectual property (IP) are still a gray area for the NFT Marketplace. As a result, the sniffer tool can adequately protect the featured assets’ IP addresses.

    Polygon’s Network x GuardianLink’s Technology

    Polygon is already a reliable and well-known layer 2 scaling solution. Furthermore, it is one of the most rapidly growing ecosystems in the NFT space. After all, it’s difficult to refuse an offer of quick transactions at a fraction of the cost.

    However, this collaboration will propel it to new heights because the end result is a no-code, ready-to-use NFT Marketplace with lightning-fast transactions and low gas fees. As an added bonus, the platform incorporates cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology.

    The world is changing at the speed of light and straight into NFTs, with over $2.5 billion in NFT sales already. So the focus is now on addressing pain points and making participation as simple as possible. In this regard, the partners are on the right track. This ground-breaking collaboration will usher in a whole new market of creators and curators, as well as a brand new audience, to the NFT Market.

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