• HEarn has been launched by Huobi Wallet

  • Huobi Wallet, the Huobi ecosystem’s multi-chain wallet, announced the launch of HEarn, a new cryptocurrency asset management tool, today. HEarn initially listed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT.

    More digital assets will be supported by the crypto asset management tool in the future. Huobi Wallet intends to ensure the security of digital wealth management by introducing HEarn. The newly released tool is based on the company’s cutting-edge security technology.

    HEarn will assist clients by conducting in-depth investigations into prominent projects. Furthermore, a diverse set of hedging and risk management systems will ensure the security of digital assets. Furthermore, one of the most prominent features of the newly launched HEarn, according to Huobi, is competitive yield.

    “Blockchain technology iteration promotes the development of the entire industry; new concepts such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token), GameFi, and Metaverse have huge market impacts,” said Liser Lee, Head of Huobi Wallet. “Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer, you will always find a suitable investment target in HEarn to preserve and grow the value of your assets.”

    Service Expansion

    Huobi’s latest announcement comes roughly three months after the company announced the expansion of its suite of trading services to meet rapidly growing demand. Huobi, one of the industry’s oldest crypto platforms, saw a significant increase in trading volumes in the first half of 2021. Huobi’s services, such as the extension of the Huobi Derivatives Warrant, have aided the company’s growth.

    “One of the most notable features of HEarn is its competitive yield.” The assets of HEarn are kept in a special smart contract. It will dynamically monitor the projects on the mainstream public chains in real-time and select projects with competitive APYs (annual percentage yields), as well as those that are safe and prudent, for investment and mining. “All mined tokens will be exchanged into mainstream cryptocurrencies before expiration and the principal and interests will be returned to users,” the company added.

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