• Zed Run: NFT Game Launches Second Tournament “Fibonacci Cup”

  • Zed Run’s second tournament has been announced! The popular horse-racing NFT game “Fibonacci Cup” builds on the success of the “Zed Run Tournament.” The tournament will last seven days and will award more than $100,000 in total.

    Following the success of the first tournament, Zed Run has launched a new one.

    Zed Run’s virtual horse races have taken the NFT world by storm. To summarize, Zed Run is a horse-racing game on NFT. Individual horses can be purchased as NFTs, raced for money, and even bred to create more horse NFTS. The game’s play-to-earn mechanics have undoubtedly contributed to its success. Not to mention the horses’ incredible, futuristic design.

    The game’s user base has grown significantly in recent months. As a result, Zed Run continues to tweak the game in order to keep NFT holders interested. In fact, the game hosted its first tournament in October of this year. This was in stark contrast to the individual races that comprise the majority of Zed Run gameplay.

    The appropriately named “Zed Run Tournament” was held at the end of October and was open to the public. Despite this, racers had a chance to win a share of a $300,000 prize fund. The two-week qualifying period was completed by 576 horses. The tournament was won by the digital horse “Figured It Out,” who won the grand prize of $37,950.

    The New Tournament Format

    So, how exactly does this one work? On their community update page, Zed Run outlined the new tournament structure. The qualifying round will last a week. In comparison to the first tournament, twice as many horses will qualify for this one.

    Another significant change is that Zed Run has altered how horses qualify for this tournament. Horses will qualify on this occasion based on the average points scored in the first stages. Other game changes for the tournament are also suggested by the Zed Run team. The usual factor of racehorse stamina, for example, will not be considered. To put it another way, horses can race many times without “getting tired.”

    Following the qualifying round, the tournament will be divided into two separate tournaments. The qualifying round will result in the advancement of 1,152 horses. At this point, the horses in the top half will compete in Tournament A. The other horses, on the other hand, will compete in Tournament B. The tournament structures will be the same regardless. Furthermore, they will occur on the same day. The one-day finals will be held on November 24th.

    Zed Run’s Brand Expansion Continues to Impress

    We can certainly expect more Zed Run tournaments in the future. The NFT game has indeed been very active in expanding its universe. It has already announced collaborations with Netflix, NASCAR, and the NFT Collection “The Glue Factory.” It recently collaborated with the Victoria Racing Cup to host the Melbourne Cup Carnival on Decentraland.

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