• The founder of Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse has hinted at a possible IPO

  • Niklas Nikolajsen, the founder and chairman of Bitcoin Suisse (BTCS), stated in a Facebook post published on Sunday that the Swiss broker may be listed on a major stock exchange in the not-too-distant future.

    Indeed, BTCS’s founder is considering an IPO and a partnership, as he hinted:

    “Stock Listing: It is possible that BTCS will be listed on a major stock exchange in the not-too-distant future.”

    According to Nikolajsen, one of two major participants in the banking and cryptocurrency finance fields may soon collaborate with the company.

    Bitcoin Suisse intends to hire more people.

    In addition, the company, which already employs 270 people, intends to expand its workforce. Nikolajsen confirmed the following:

    “Growth: We anticipate opening and filling 100-130 new positions over the next four quarters. We anticipate growth across all of our core business lines.”

    Furthermore, according to Nikolajsen, capital raising is in the works, but it is unclear whether this will be accomplished through a financing round, a private placement, credit, or a combination of the aforementioned options. Historically, the company has attracted a large number of investors.

    He continued, saying:

    “I could add many more items to the list, but it is safe to say that the coming year will be an exciting time at Bitcoin Suisse! Crypto-assets and decentralized finance are here to stay – and we’ve only scratched the surface!”

    In the future, tokenized shares will be available.

    According to the Facebook post, Bitcoin Suisse intends to tokenize its shares in the near future and has recently amended its bylaws to do so. The announcement comes after the Swiss broker reported a strong first half of the year, fueled by trading commissions and fees.

    Finally, the firm’s management was restructured last month, with key roles in the company’s legal, compliance, and risk procedures being replaced. This happened after the startup withdrew its application for a banking license with Swiss financial regulator Finma, citing the regulator’s concerns that the company wasn’t doing enough to combat money laundering.

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