• The Sandbox collaborates with the Metaverse Travel Agency

  • The Metaverse Travel Agency, makers of fine wearables, has teamed up with The Sandbox to improve the utility of their latest project. This is the excellent “Metahelmet,” a new type of wearable for the ultimate metanaut.

    A collection of 10101 finely crafted 3D helmets is on its way in the very near future. Each is generated algorithmically from 120 custom-made components. The end result is an exquisite piece of NFT headgear fit for the metaverse.

    Each item will cost a binary 0.10101 ETH and will be available in the digital realm on October 7. Furthermore, these one-of-a-kind items will include an in-built screen where owners can display their favorite NFTs. As a result, a formidable device dubbed the “Quantum Machine” enables this incredible feat and syncs with the user’s wallet for the ultimate wearables flex.

    Ownership of such a fine helmet will also grant you access to a slew of advantages. Individuals wearing headpieces will have exclusive access to activities, games, quests, and hubs. And, more importantly, it is the key to entering The Sandbox’s upcoming grand HQ.

    Furthermore, this is the second such alliance that the team has negotiated. With Decentraland already on board, the metaverse will be flooded with gleaming headgear. So, connect, mint, and prepare. These innovative NFT wearables appear to be on the verge of taking over the metaverse.

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