• VIMworld, a VeChain NFT project, has launched its own Discord server

  • VIMworld has announced the launch of its Discord Server. The Discord server will provide a space for the VIMfam to bond over non-VeChain topics. VIMworld has announced $5,000 in prizes to commemorate the launch.

    The VIMworld community is alive and well! VIMworld, VeChain’s original NFT project, has announced the launch of a new Discord server. VIMworld has prepared over $5550 in prizes to reward VIM members in celebration of the launch of the Discord Server.

    VIMworld truly seeks to reward creativity. Encourage the VIM community to create their own great stories and fantastic artworks in the same vein. VIMworld revealed in a press release that all you have to do to participate in the reward is join the VeChain Community Discord server.

    To participate, you must also submit a VIMworld Poster or Banner by October 10th. In addition, the banners must be 1500px by 500px in size. Furthermore, for participation, VIMworld accepts a short story of 1000 words or less.

    Furthermore, the platform claims that five winners will be chosen from both categories. This means that ten people have a chance to win a total of 570,000 VEED. In addition, 20 randomly selected participants in the voting process will each receive 5000 VEED.

    The new Discord server will be “a perfect environment for the VIMfam to hang out, explore, play, and grow as a community,” according to VIMworld.

    Discord, in particular, is a place where topics and communities are easily visible and accessible. dApps, information, and discussions about VeChain, its technologies, and its larger ecosystem are all gathered in one place, resulting in a more cohesive user experience.

    Aside from these, Discord will also provide casual and off-topic channels. As a result, a space for the VeFam to bond and hang out on non-VeChain related topics has been created.

    Overall, the launch of VIMworld’s Discord server is part of the platform’s ongoing push for global dominance.

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