• The 8SIAN NFT Collection aims to bridge the gap between Asia and the NFT space

  • The NFT industry has a big issue: there is a severe lack of representation and inclusion. To illustrate, if you chose one NFT at random from all of the existing collections, you are very likely to choose something that caters to cis-gendered White guys. Even those focusing on animals (for example, BAYC) have little or no female characteristics. Aside from female representation, the situation becomes bleaker when it comes to Asian representation. To be honest, as an Asian lady, this writer finds it difficult to discover NFTs who resemble her. Fortunately, efforts like 8SIAN are now emerging to bridge the industry’s ever-widening gap.

    Nicole established the 8SIAN NFT line to represent “strong, Asian women” like herself, after noticing an obvious dearth of representation of women and Asians in the NFT market.

    “We want 8SIAN to represent and promote Asia’s numerous cultures and heritage in the virtual world, a future that we believe is unavoidable,” wrote the 8SIAN team. “We want 8SIAN to bridge the divide and build a community within the NFT area for everyone who loves and admires Asia’s many cultures.”

    Everything you need to know about the 8SIAN NFT collection.

    The main 8SIAN NFT collection consists of 8,888 NFTs of Asian women, truly displaying Asian art and culture. True to their goal of developing realistic Asian female avatars, the NFTs in the collection are highly detailed and reflect a wide range of Asian civilizations. Finally, the 8SIAN team intends to connect Asian culture to the metaverse.

    The NFTs are classified under five rarities: Goddess, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Rare, and Original. Original is the most frequent, with only 36 NFTs in all. Goddes NFTs are the rarest, having only 36 NFTs in total. 8SIAN, like other NFT collections in the space, provides various benefits to NFT holders.

    To begin, 2.5 percent of all secondary sales are donated to their community-led fund. The team intends to use the funds mostly to raise awareness about the project and for community-benefiting projects. This includes assisting emerging artists, holding contests and events, donating to organizations, and other activities. The community can, in fact, vote on how the monies will be spent.

    8SIAN intends to join the metaverse.

    Following that, the initiative has ambitious aspirations for the metaverse. This contains an 8SIAN Museum, 3D metaverse-ready 8SIANs, Asian-inspired digital wearables, and other features. The team has already purchased land in Decentraland and The SandBox in order to carry out their ideas. Additionally, 8SIAN VIP GOLD PASS members will get priority entry and incentives. GOLD PASS holders have access to a private alpha group as well.

    Aside from these, the project intends to establish blockchain scholarship programs to educate members of the community.

    The collection was released in late December 2021 at a mint price of 0.088 ETH. At the time of writing, its floor has increased to 0.209 ETH, with 4,600 ETH (about $11.6 million) in OpenSea trading activity. Furthermore, the project has already established a strong community, with 15,000 Discord members and nearly 26,000 Twitter followers!

    Overall, the 8SIAN NFT series is a welcome addition to the industry. Hopefully, the project will encourage other Asian-focused collections to join the space.

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