• APENFT Marketplace Launches Testnet with Exciting Developer Sprint Program

  • On March 31, the Marketplace Testnet will go online, marking a watershed event in the evolution of the TRON NFT ecosystem.

    With a long-term commitment to collecting and managing artworks and crypto collectibles, APENFT has unique insights into the growth of the NFT markets. APENFT’s roadmap has always included the development of a pragmatic and inclusive NFT platform that engages with the greater community. The launch of the APENFT Marketplace Testnet brings us one step closer to achieving this goal.

    APENFT Marketplace is developing a $2 million prize fund for an exciting “sprint race” for all developers in order to foster a more inclusive and vibrant TRON NFT ecosystem and attract high-quality products. Among the various rewards mentioned for the Testnet launch is an APENFT Marketplace Testnet Developer Sprint.

    The Developer Sprint will use a task-completion model with multiple stages. APENFT Marketplace will evaluate all participating projects throughout the Testnet phase from five perspectives: project quality, community and social media building, smart contract deployment, website construction, and trial feedback. From the entire prize pool, each participating project will have a chance to earn up to $20,000 in Testnet awards.

    Following the Testnet phase, all approved projects will be able to migrate to the Mainnet and receive platform development subsidies, and additional assistance programs will be created following the Mainnet launch.

    APENFT will reward active and premium users from the TRON ecosystem in addition to providing assistance to exceptional developers. All qualifying users will be awarded a Genesis NFT badge, granting them whitelist status for future NFT drops.

    APENFT will award $100 in NFT tokens to each of the 50 Genesis NFT badge holders that participated in the Testnet and gave valuable feedback to the platform. APENFT will also choose 100 non-badge holders who provide valuable feedback for a total award of $10,000 in NFT tokens. All Testnet participants are encouraged to make comments or suggestions in general. APENFT cordially invites all NFT developers and supporters to take part in the trial run. All community voices are appreciated, and the platform will reward another 150 lucky users through random draws among all Testnet participants.

    Following the Testnet phase, APENFT and TRON DAO will co-host an official virtual launch event for the APENFT Marketplace on YouTube and DLive Protocol, during which H.E. Justin Sun will reveal all important features and perks available through the APENFT Marketplace. Cryptovoxels, a well-known decentralized virtual environment, has also expressed significant support for this debut event. The event, the first metaverse-themed livestream in the TRON ecosystem, will take place at TRON DAO’s headquarters and will be broadcast live on the Cryptovoxels website. This is also H.E. Justin Sun’s first metaverse webcast. Everyone is welcome!

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