• The Cardano-based Flickto Private Sale is currently underway, with an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) to distribute 2 billion FLICK Tokens

  • Cardano is, without a doubt, a massive undertaking.

    The project promises a lot, and things are finally coming together after the activation of smart contracts a few months ago.

    Cardano is already the most decentralized proof-of-stake network. With the activation of smart contracting, the public network is operational and poised to become one of the most influential chains shaping crypto and blockchain.

    What exactly is Flickto?

    Flickto, a company backed by an English registered company, Flickto LTD, has recognized the potential of Cardano and is launching their solution on the secure, scalable, and meticulously designed ledger.

    The project’s goal is to change how content creators—both entities and individuals—receive funding in the multibillion-dollar media industry by leveraging the power of the community.

    Flickto focuses on funding content creators in a variety of specialties, such as documentaries, shows, and fiction films, who previously had no access to funding due to barriers in traditional financing setups.

    As a media launchpad, the project will make use of blockchain innovations. It is now possible to launch dApps on the Cardano blockchain using Goguen and smart contracting. Cardano also allows for token staking. It is a feature that will be critical to Flickto’s fundraising efforts. Individuals who choose Cardano will be able to stake their ADA in one of Flickto’s supported pools and be rewarded accordingly.

    However, it is possible to use Cardano’s native tokens, which are more appealing. Cardano will be able to grow its community by rewarding users while allowing project developers to work on their smart contracting ability by utilizing this capability.

    As a result, the Flickto project is launching tokens that adhere to the Cardano standards. The FLICK token, which will power the Flickto ecosystem, will be central to the Flickto project. Aside from its practical function, token holders will be able to vote on exciting projects.

    FLICK Tokens: Specifics

    FLICK will be listed on a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

    As a result, users who purchase the token during the ongoing private sale stand to benefit the most from the expected capital gains. It’s because Flickto is addressing a pressing issue. As a result, its tokens are valuable because they provide access to the growing Cardano community.

    According to Flickto, the Private Sale is currently underway and will be completed by late November 2021. Individuals and accredited investors who wish to invest more than $500 in FLICK to help make a project a reality are welcome to participate in the sale.

    FLICK token holders will also be eligible for NFT airdrops from media projects that use the Flickto launching pad. Flickto has already completed two major airdrops for eligible token holders.

    Because FLICK is a user-centric project, FLICK holders receive a portion of the project’s profit distribution program in exchange for freely consuming media content from projects they helped fund.

    Content creators using the Flickto launching pad, on the other hand, will have unrestricted access to funds from the community and may even receive direct feedback from the community regarding their plans.

    Overall, the Flickto launchpad will be a game changer for content creators worldwide. From the start, the Cardano-based project intends to empower content creators while also fostering a collaborative environment in which all participants benefit.

    The FLICK Token will be distributed in an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) of 2 billion FLICK Tokens.

    To ensure long-term viability, the project is utilizing the Cardano blockchain’s staking capability to implement their Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) model. The development team chose this method of project financing because it allowed for delegation. There will be 5 billion FLICK tokens in total.

    The ISPO has locked in two billion dollars, which will be distributed to ADA stakeholders. Since the launch on November 1, there have been over one million active ADA staked by more than 200 delegators.

    The base reward in the primary phase, which will last 32 Epochs until April 10, 2022, is set at 0.15 FLICK per ADA stake per Epoch. Token vesting will begin on January 5, 2022, with the project vesting 10% of total accrued tokens. Following that, on May 5, 2022, the total vesting percentage will increase to 20%.

    During the secondary phase, the reward ratio will decrease with each Epoch until all FLICK tokens have been distributed. The reduction ratio will range from 0.01 to 0.02. Their ISPO dashboard will show available reserves once the token distribution is complete.

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