• The Cardano community has chosen projects to create a metadata sidechain solution

  • The Cardano community has chosen Fluree and Ikigai Technologies to build Project Logosphere, a metadata sidechain solution. The project is a cohort project of Project Catalyst, Cardano’s community fund that is funded through public voting.

    Fluree, a provider of an immutable semantic graph data platform, announced a partnership with Ikigai Technologies to provide off-chain data storage for Cardano metadata, according to the official announcement.

    Without inspecting individual transactions, users and other third parties cannot easily access Cardano’s metadata. It went on to say,

    “Until now, there has been no common standard for off-chain databases, making it difficult to review metadata for analytics and limiting cross-app data sharing.”

    It went on to say,

    “Ikigai’s proposal revolves around the use of Fluree to construct a provable data-centric sidechain for dApps. Fluree’s immutable graph database supports W3C data standards natively, making it well-suited for this solution.”

    Cardano’s transaction metadata will be expanded beyond the current 16kB limit. Fluree will provide an API for developers creating dApps to use in order to store extended metadata. Fluree Co-CEO and Co-Founder Brian Platz claims that

    “If the Cardano on-chain components are immutable but the off-chain metadata is not, this creates a serious trust issue. Fluree and Ikigai Technologies will collaborate to create a sidechain capable of linking and sharing data while maintaining the same level of trust as on-chain data.”

    Many members of the community were pleased to hear the news, especially since Logosphere aims to provide an immutable decentralized metadata layer in the form of an interconnected knowledge graph. Fluree’s technology and Ikigai’s data storage will collaborate to bring the public sidechain to life by early 2022.

    Meanwhile, in terms of mainnet updates, the IOHK has confirmed the hard fork combinator [HFC] event for September 12th. This is the third and final event that will occur for Cardano to fully implement smart contract capabilities.

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