• The CEO of LMAX Group believes that cryptocurrency is the Third Industrial Revolution

  • LMAX Group CEO David Mercer stated last month at Blockworks’ Digital Asset Summit that cryptocurrency will be the dominant asset traded in the coming decades.

    LMAX Group is an independent operator of multiple institutional execution venues for currency and cryptocurrency trading. In 2018, the London-based company launched the first physical cryptocurrency exchange dedicated solely to serving institutional clients.

    Despite the fact that access to crypto markets is not ideal for many asset managers right now, the executive noted that 70 percent of LMAX’s 200 largest institutional customers said in a survey that these players will be the biggest traders of crypto assets three years from now.

    “If asset managers enter the space with only 5% of their portfolio, the market cap has to be $5 trillion because there are $110 trillion in assets under management today,” he explained. “That’s just going to be the case, and crypto will most likely grow to be 10% or 20% of the market cap at that point, when it will naturally overtake commodities.”

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