• The City of Vegas has announced the opening of an incredible golf course in Decentraland

  • Golf fans got a huge boost today with the announcement that the game is coming to Decentraland. Soon, players will have a legitimate reason to put on their golf-themed wearables and compete at the highest level.

    Decentraland, which is on its way to the Sports Quarter in Vegas City, is a fully playable golf course that will allow eager participants to demonstrate their putting prowess for all to see. The first iteration takes the form of a traditional-style putting green, where players can put their skills to the test in the tranquil decentralized setting.

    The gameplay mechanics resemble a disembodied club, with players controlling strike strength and angle while also adjusting for the finely contoured terrain. Obstacles, like in real golf, will, however, tend to stymie progress.

    This brand new bespoke Vegas City golf course will add an excellent new dynamic to Decentraland’s sporting landscape, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of the main city, as well as an exciting new sporting arena and, hopefully, future competitions.

    It’s just like playing real golf, but without the hassle of going outside, walking, and paying exorbitant green fees. And, hopefully, a golf cart will be added to the mix somewhere down the road.

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